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Orange Blossom

Hi. I'm Giulia.

I recently moved from California to the mountains of Brasil in August of 2022 with my border collie/ heeler pup Mala. We are currently living in a small mountain town in the state of Minas Gerais. I spend most of my free time wandering on the lush wet trails, plunging in the nearby waterfalls, and strolling the muddy dirt roads. I first visited Brasil in August 2021 and quickly felt a deep connection. The food, language, music and culture felt like home. It opened a space in my heart that had been dormant for some time.   

I am thrilled to move my business to a place that has done wonders to my soul. A place that teaches me to love, trust and create. As an Astrology Coach, I support my clients to follow their wildest dreams. To trust their inner guidance and to understand the timing of their stars. I help simplify their transitional growth, so they can live a life with passion and grace. I use many astrology charts (not just a birth chart) to point out a vast range of relationship opportunities or emotional roadblocks. During a session, I inspire them to tap into their wisdom, by regaining trust and inner strength at major life crossroads. I believe in the power of deconstructing and rebuilding patterns in order to integrate the various parts of ourselves. 


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Minas Gerais, Brasil 

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