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Astrology Is the Study of the Soul Through the Language of the Sky


I was a skeptic of Astrology for most of my youth. I didn't understand how 8 billions souls could fit under 12 zodiac signs. As I quickly glanced at the weekly horoscope, mostly while waiting for the doctor in the waiting room, it would leave me feeling half amused and half dumbfounded. How could this person be so confident in defining people's characteristics? So as a true skeptic, I didn't do my research, but instead saw Astrology solely as entertainment. 


One day, while sick in bed with a fever, I decided to distract myself by listening to a few podcasts to pass the time. So I made some chamomile tea, grabbed my blanket and curled up with my pup, Mala. As I aimlessly scrolled through my list, trying to find something entertaining and easy to hear, I decided to listen to an episode called 'So, what is astrology?' And just like that, I was hooked. The more I listened, the more I felt like I was being reminded of what I knew. It spoke to every part of my soul. From there, I ate, drank, and slept astrology. Every book, school, course, article, podcast I could get my hands on, I did just that. It felt like I unlocked a secret that needed to be shared. 

Over the years, astrology has taught me to trust the cosmic timing of events, transitions and life lessons. Easier said than done, I know. Believe me, there's been many times (even to this day) where I've needed to remind myself to loosen my grip and just allow timing to play itself out. Over the years of studying astrology, I have learned how to understand and embody the lessons of our personal birth charts. Sometimes you need to take action, sometimes you wait and feel the feels. One thing is to intellectually understand your chart, but another is to emotionally and physically allow the teaching to be implemented. This is why I have expanded my work into coaching. To support my clients into understanding what their chart is trying to communicate while focusing on their dreams and goals. 


Fast forward to today, and I'm an Astrology Coach living in the Brasilian mountains with my pup and partner. When I look back on my journey on how and (most importantly) when I got here, I can see the timing of it all. Packing three bags, selling all of my 'things' and buying a one way ticket for Mala and I, naturally came together when my stars aligned to be closer with my partner in Brasil. It made it easier for me to trust the process when I could see that the timing and lessons in my chart supported the move. 


The desire to explore and learn about my natal chart has a central role in my personal growth and professional development. Since I started studying astrology, I have unveiled past wounds, healed trauma, celebrated my gifts, and given myself permission to understand my soul's direction. In return, I help guide my clients through their own personal journey and transformation. Time and time again, astrology has proven to support my clients in getting clear with their direction and motivation.

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