Music communicates to our souls frequency. We are moved in mind and body, inspired by the lyrics, rhythm and connecting to the artists who create the songs. Music can leave us feeling revitalized, rejuvenated and tender. We all have our own relationship with music that can allow us to tap into an elemental and intuitive intimacy. 

FIRE - Brings forth our adventure seeking, spontaneous side

EARTH - When we are seeking stability and patience

AIR- Connecting us with our creativity and enhancing our intellect

WATER - Tapping into emotional layers when we need to be nurtured and connect to nature

Over the years, I have collected music from all over the world and have tied them into these Element Playlists. They are always evolving and changing so check back in or send me your favorites! 

Choose Your Tune

Which element are you aligned with the most? Which element are you needing to straighten?


Below are 4 playlists that are divided between the elements; Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Choose according to your mood and let the music be your muse.


To find your element, click on 'What's my element' below to take the free quiz.

What's on your playlist? Share your tunes and let me know which element it best represents.

Fire Radio

I am courageous, brave and wild. I move with passion and enjoy to feel the rhythm of my heart. I am Fire.

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