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Music communicates to our souls frequency. We are moved in mind and body, inspired by the lyrics, rhythms, instruments and artist(s). Music can leave us feeling revitalized, rejuvenated and tender. We all have our own intimate relationship with the melody. It has the power to awaken a memory, a feeling or a place we hope to visit one day.

Over the years, I have collected music from all over the world. Since moving to Brasil this past August, I’ve been introduced to different artists and genres that continue to feed my passion for this country. 

Whats on your playlist? What element does it inspire within you?

F I R E Awakens my body to move with passion and energy

E A R T H |  Nourishes my ambition to serve and heal 

A I R |  Connects my soul far beyond my mind

W A T E R |  Transforms my unconscious emotions into self love   

Choose Your Tune

Which element are you aligned with the most? and which is the weakest?


Below are playlists that are divided between the 4 elements; Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Choose according to your mood and let the music be your muse.


To find your element, click on 'What's my element' below and take the free quiz.

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Fire Radio

I am courageous, brave and wild. I move with passion and follow the rhythm of my heartbeat. I am the dancing flame of fire.

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