An astrology birth chart- also known as a natal chart- is a blueprint of where all the planets were at the moment you were born (as shown above).  We will combine your birth date, place of birth and time of birth to reveal your personality, strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities, desires, and necessities.  We will also look at the planet's current location in the sky in order to better understand how it is effecting you at this time.  The journey of self love starts from self acceptance. So give yourself permission to understand your unique birth chart in order to move towards a meaningful life!


This reading can be in person or recorded remotely.

1 hour  /   $100

Birth Chart Reading




Infant Chart Reading

50 Min.  /  $85

An infant chart reading is for anyone who wants to better understand a child's mind, heart and soul.  It provides insight into how their minds work, how they learn, strengths, weaknesses, future challenges, and how they communicate.    

As adults, we often project our character onto our children instead of honoring their voice. So let's give them the gift of recognizing their individuality through astrology. 


This reading can be in person or recorded remotely.    


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