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Coaching Packages

I offer two coaching packages. The first package consists of 6 private coaching sessions in 3 months. The second package includes 12 private coaching sessions in 6 months. Each coaching session is 1 hour. This includes a 20 min. intake session before the coaching process begins.  


During each session, I will provide you with weekly tasks that will motivate progress and keep you on track with your goals. We will use the wisdom and guidance of your astrology chart to navigate you towards transformation. Coaching offers space for reflection and integration which affirms your life's direction. 


Single Coaching Session

Together, we will begin a practice that will produce change and inspiration within your transformational journey (fire). We will bridge the complexities and harmonize the different areas of your soul's desire and purpose (air). When we learn how to release past patterns (water), we can then focus our actions into aligning with our inner intentions (earth). As an astrology coach, my dedication is to support my clients in developing new skills that will encourage positive and sustainable growth. This session is 1.5 hours which includes a 20 min. Intake session before the scheduled coaching session. 


Birth Chart Reading

A birth chart reading is a blueprint that shows the positions of each planet the day you were born. By combining your birth date, place, and time, we will discuss your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, goals, and desires. To truly be empowered is to understand and communicate your needs from a place of knowing and acceptance. In our session, we will review major aspects, transits, angels, planets and asteroids. This reading lasts 1.5 hours which includes a 20 min. intake session before the reading. 

Transit Chart Reading
Child Chart Reading

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Transit Chart Reading 

A transit chart reading focuses on the current positions of the planets in relation to your birth planets. We will review what lies ahead in your chart and create a realistic timeline in order to obtain your goals. Prepping for upcoming events can optimize your plan of action and ultimately enhance the outcome. This reading is suggested for those who are pursuing great pursuits or going through major life changes. It lasts 1.5 hours which includes a 20 min. intake session before the reading.   


Child Chart Reading 

A child chart reading provides insight into how their mind works, how they learn, their strengths, challenges, and communication style. As adults, we often project onto our children instead of honoring their unique voice. This reading illuminates their confidence by recognizing their individuality through the insight of their chart.  


Gift Certificate 

Gift a coaching package, a coaching session or one of our chart readings to a loved one 🤍 

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