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Alex Castillo, NYC.

"Giulia is a gem who is kind, enthusiastic and offers coaching that I can easily understand AND put into action.  A great listener who is compassionate with my concerns and questions. Plus each session motivates me to re-focus on my goals. My sessions with her are so insightful and helpful for my inner growth. She is a gifted star from the heavens".


Maureen O'Donnell, NJ. USA

"Giulia is a wonderful astrology coach who provided so much guidance. I can't even explain how inspired I am after after each session! You will walk awake excited with a new understanding of yourself.  When you find someone like Giulia, you will feel so blessed.  She is truly a ray of sunshine. Thank you for brightening my life and helping me attain my goal".

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Rui Moreira, SP. 

"Giulia has helped guide me in a way that no other coach has. Her deep understanding of Astrology and style of coaching has truly changed my life. I really enjoy each session because of the quality of attention I receive. I always learn something important, either about my current life lesson or insights on the various paths my life journey may take me. Thanks Giulia for providing the guidance I need to align with my life's purpose". 


Amber Engfer, CA.

"Giulia was a pleasure to work with!  The infant chart reading she did for my daughter truly reflects her personality and gave me extensive insight into her future.  We see her birth chart as a way to better understand her needs so we can encourage her to be the best version of herself".

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